109. The Contreras Report: Business Mexico

Episode 9 July 03, 2020 00:40:17
109. The Contreras Report: Business Mexico
The Contreras Report: Business México
109. The Contreras Report: Business Mexico

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Mexico elected to U.S. Security Council...USMCA Trade agreement starts...Lopez Obrador visits U.S...Lopez Obrador disapproval rates spike upward...President AMLO takes baby steps towards controlling elections...MX City Mayor announces multi-billion dollar spending...Remittances hit $15 billion...Is there child labor in Mexico?... Maya Train derailed...U.S. Trade organizations complain about Lopez Obrador's hamfisted policies...IMF predicts 10.5% GDP shrinkage...Mexico drought forces Mexico to import 100,000 tons of beans...Former Pemex CEO charged with massive crimes is being extradited from Spain...Arrest warrants for suspects in the disappearance of 43 students...Mexico City Police Chief attacked and wounded by pistoleros... Mexican resorts begin to open...Mexico ranks 6th in pandemic deaths...

The host is Raoul Lowery-Contreras.

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102. The Contreras Report: Business Mexico

500 Year old street open market closed for first time, where? Beer shortage in Mexico. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) declines 1% in 2019, currently dropping 3,6%. March remittances from U.S. to Mexicans hit record of $4 billion. 100 border essential factories open to supply USA defense industry. National murder rate drops. Pemex loses $526 billion pesos in 1st Quarter. Maya Train contracts to let, billions of pesos. MX President joins President Trump in "stolen valor" taking credit for help to people -- only ita illegal in Mexico. The host is Raoul Lowery-Contreras. ...


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Energy production by private Mexican firms costs 85% less than government electricity generation Maya Indians supported by court injunctions stop construction on $8.8 billion dollar "Maya Train" project of Mexican President Presidents of U.S. and Mexico agree on New York Times being "famous" without "ethics." Mexican President demands apology for Mexico being injured by Barack Obama's Department of Justice Trump blamed Mexican Carlos Slim -- 10 to 20 times richer than trump, for conspiring with Clinton Foundation to keep Trump from winning Presidency Mexican Carlos Slim owns 14% of New York Times Trump claimed Slim ordered Trump smeared American Legion Post in Mexico City feeds needy people during coronavirus emergency American citizen governor of Baja California state, Mexico loses huge decision by Mexican Supreme Court The host is Raoul Lowery-Contreras. ...


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President Lopez Obrador...Manuel Bartlett...Enrique Camarena...Pemex...1st Quarter GDP contraction...Eight billion-dollar Maya Train...Mexico designs and manufactures ventilators for coronavirus victims for thousands of dollars less...Cancun back online...Seven Mexican governors unite to defeat Lopez Obrador/Bartlett sleazy takeover of all electrical generation in Mexico..."Blood will flow" say Mexican women if the government shuts down their electricity...Pemex oil refineries 4th and 5th worst polluters in the world...Mexican built cars exported to Azerbaijan...Lopez Obrador wants a nation survey to measure "happiness" ...American Department of Defense joins with American Legion Mexico City Post to feed needy... The host is Raoul Lowery-Contreras. ...