105. The Contreras Report: Business Mexico

Episode 5 May 29, 2020 00:42:01
105. The Contreras Report: Business Mexico
The Contreras Report: Business México
105. The Contreras Report: Business Mexico

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President Lopez Obrador...Manuel Bartlett...Enrique Camarena...Pemex...1st Quarter GDP contraction...Eight billion-dollar Maya Train...Mexico designs and manufactures ventilators for coronavirus victims for thousands of dollars less...Cancun back online...Seven Mexican governors unite to defeat Lopez Obrador/Bartlett sleazy takeover of all electrical generation in Mexico..."Blood will flow" say Mexican women if the government shuts down their electricity...Pemex oil refineries 4th and 5th worst polluters in the world...Mexican built cars exported to Azerbaijan...Lopez Obrador wants a nation survey to measure "happiness" ...American Department of Defense joins with American Legion Mexico City Post to feed needy...

The host is Raoul Lowery-Contreras.

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102. The Contreras Report: Business Mexico

500 Year old street open market closed for first time, where? Beer shortage in Mexico. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) declines 1% in 2019, currently dropping 3,6%. March remittances from U.S. to Mexicans hit record of $4 billion. 100 border essential factories open to supply USA defense industry. National murder rate drops. Pemex loses $526 billion pesos in 1st Quarter. Maya Train contracts to let, billions of pesos. MX President joins President Trump in "stolen valor" taking credit for help to people -- only ita illegal in Mexico. The host is Raoul Lowery-Contreras. ...


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113. The Contreras Report: Business Mexico

Mexican Pandemic dead...60,000...Lopez Obrador says he the second most popular leader in the world...Donald Trump...AMLO mimics Trump on press...Yaqui Indias rebel min Sonora...Farmers rebel in Chihuahua...Amlo's approval heading south...political corruption reachers President through his brother...Chinese truck maker opens MX plant...IKEA sells Mexican made sofas and mattresses...Stanley Black & Decker opens MX plant...Mexico City plans to spend billions of pesos to create 300,000 jobs in the next 18 months...more Bartlett family corruption...Remittances from the U.S. set new records...Record-setting anthropological finds at new airport construction sire...AMLO slashes budget...State Governors dump AMLO...PEMEX hopeless? The host is Raoul Lowery-Contreras. ...


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Welcome to The Contreras Report: Business Mexico

Covering topics such as México economy, goods & services crossing the Méxican/US border, trade agreements, the business life, and interviews that will open your mind to new business possibilities. This program is presented by Raoul Lowery-Contreras. He understands the business. THE CONTRERAS REPORT-BUSINESS MEXICO, answers these questions and punctures myths… Most American-thinking about Americans doing business in Mexico is anchored around the myth that Americans are prohibited from owning land in Mexico. Wrong! Many Americans think Mexico is a poverty sinkhole with women giving birth to ten, 15 children. Wrong! Many Americans cannot see past Mexico’s expropriation of the American/British oil industry eight decades ago; they don’t see the hundreds and thousands of American and British gasoline stations sprouting up in Mexico like weeds: Chevron, ARCAO, Gulf, Valero, BP… Mexican car dealers delight in selling “imported” cars from the USA, even as hundreds of thousands of Mexican-made NAFTA cars are sold in the U.S. and Canada… Many Americans are sure that Mexicans aren’t modern technical people or engineers at the very moment Mexico is graduating half the annual engineer output of the United States though its population is only a third the size of the size of the United States.  Cars made in Mexico can be exported to and sold in a hundred different countries while American made cars cannot; why not? Is traditionally protectionist Mexico a more free trade country than the U.S.? Yes. Is it true that trade between the U.S. and Mexico is a million dollars-a-minute? Yes. These questions and answers are why you should listen to THE CONTRERAS REPORT – BUSINESS MEXICO. ...